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Chemanwork Srl

Romania's Leading Specialist Hard and Softwood Supplier

Our company is a stable and reliable producer of Round Logs Kiln Dried lumber for many years. We supply mostly Grade A, AB and ABC (with removed most of red heart) unedged as well as edged lumber. We supply globally. Chemanwork pays particular attention to manufacturing and quality control processes, as well as to relationship between existing and potential business partners. We are flexible and we can adjust to client needs, open on both sides beneficial business offers.

Chemanwork Srl, Romainian Specialist Timber Merchant meeting all your requirements.

  • White Oak

    We supply white Oak lumber, both air and kiln dried. These are produced to order based on customer specification.

  • White Ash

    We offer White Ash including white ash logs and white ash lumber. Please call for details of available ash species.

  • Beech

    We can supply you with Beech logs and lightly steamed beech lumber. We also supply unsteamed beech, edged and unedged woods

  • Birch

    Supply both white and red birch logs and lumber directly from our sawmill. Contact us for availability.

  • Spruce

    We have Spruce in Stock. We supply spruce logs and lumber from Romania,Germany, Poland and Lithuania.

  • Douglas Fir

    We also have douglas fir logs and lumber available for our customers worldwide. Just contact us with your order.

  • Larch

    Call us for all your larch logs and larch lumber requirements. We always have stock available for quick delivery

  • Poplar

    Call for availability of poplar logs and populus alba. We do not have stock but can sure meet your needs.

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